Last Heart by Erik Bergan

2.000 NOK

Erik Bergan x Seal

We designed a new piece together with Norwegian painter and artist Erik Bergan. A journey back to the nostalgic feeling of playing old games.

We know you don’t want to worry about your silver when you’re out enjoying life. So we made it waterproof, sweat-proof, and scratch resistant. Wear it anywhere, anytime.

Made from pure 925 silver, this ring provides an incredible fit and feel. Weighing only ~10 grams, it feels like wearing a small cloud around your finger.

Made to order. This design can also be engraved on our round, square and band silver rings – just DM us on Instagram.

We had a chat with Bergan about his relationship with jewelry.

Who is Erik Bergan?
– I’m an artist, 28 years old. I really went for it in 2016, and painting has been my only occupation for almost 3 years now.

What made you decide to create with us?
– I love the concept of being able to design my own high quality jewelry.

What does this design mean to you?
– To focus. On everything life has to offer, with a hint of nostalgia. Nothing makes you focus quite like only having one life left when playing the good old video-games.

What’s the value of jewelry to you?
– It’s the dot over the “i”, and I put that very high.

Why do you wear jewelry?
– I love details, and jewelry is the perfect detail to an outfit.

Do you remember your first jewelry piece?
– In my younger days, when I lived my life sideways on a board. The ring around the ball bearing of my skateboard wheel, I remember fit perfectly around my finger, and I loved it.

Do you know how many pieces you own?
– I guess I have around 15 rings in my jewelry box.

How often do you wear jewelry?
– The ring is always on!

Gold or silver?
– Silver. Gold doesn’t suit me.

Bonus question: Who inspires you the most at this moment?
– The surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, is an endless source of inspiration.

Follow Erik Bergan here: @erikberganart

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