The Seal guarantee

My #1 priority is your happiness. I stand by everything I make with confidence and passion, no matter what, no questions asked, no ifs, no ands, no buts. If you have a problem, I'll solve it. Refund it. Replace it. Whatever it takes. Just reach out to me. I'm here for you.

Why am I offering this?

I’m doing this because I’m 100% confident that you’ll love your new jewelry. I also want to be able to grow this brand to create better and better jewelry for you. There's also many jewelry brands out there that sell junk – I don't. I’m confident that you’ll love every piece from Seal.

Some brands charge upwards of 5000NOK / 500USD for a high-quality silver piece, or they sell you pieces using other heavy or poor materials that might give you a skin reaction. My average price is 70% lower than that, and you get silver jewelry that lasts a lifetime, and precious metal that holds its value.

You can even break up your payment into parts or pay in 30 days with Klarna if you want.

Perks to choosing Seal Jewelry

  • Kind to earth – Made from sustainable silver, our lavish jewelry pieces come in a premium paper box made from recycled materials, and as little other packaging as possible which is salvaged from people that wanted to throw it out.
  • Water-resistant – With an anti-tarnish finish it stays shiny and it’s waterproof. You can wear your jewelry whenever and wherever you like.
  • Lifetime warranty – To show my trust and confidence in what I do, you get a lifetime guarantee that your jewelry will last.
  • Non-allergic – All my pieces are free of nickel and lead. Made in pure 925 sterling silver that suits even the most sensitive of skins.
  • Designed in Norway – Made with comfort in mind.
  • Happy customers – Seal is built on transparency. From classic and unique designs to fair prices and fast delivery.

Limited stock

I run this studio by myself and I only have a small stock of jewelry, and once people find out about this offer that piece you like will most likely be sold out.