We just set up in Brandstad Sandvika!

We just set up in Brandstad Sandvika!

This week we set our rings up in Brandstad, Sandvika Storsenter – a beautiful store with everything in mens fashion. Now it sports jewelry too! Big thanks to the manager Aleksander for making this happen.

To get our pieces in this store is very fun and something I've wanted to do for a long time. Recently I took action and got lucky as well. We were previously set up in the Moods (Moods of Norway) store at Grensen, Oslo. That store closed unfortunately, but is thriving online. Now we're here at Brandstad and lovin' in!

Want to treat yourself or someone you love? Brandstad got a lot of good stuff. Caps, comfortable shirts, pants with the perfect amount of stretch, and even scented candles! If you live near Sandvika Storsenter, give Aleks a visit :)

What store would you like to see us in next?

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